Olympic Skateboarding

Summer Olympic games 2020 Tokyo

Finally skateboarding at the Olympic games "NOT". Because of corona the games could unfortunately not continue in 2020. Many were looking forward to seeing a big skateboard competition with battle between countries and individuals. Let's hope the games will continue in 2021.

The events

If all goes well, there will be four skateboard events in 2021.

  • Men Street
  • Men Park
  • Women Street
  • Women Park

Personally, I find the terms street event and park event confusing since in a skatepark you often come across both a street and a bowl part. So to specify the different events as like a Street event and a Bowl event is more clear. But maybe that's just me.

The Street part will consist of stairs, handrails, banks, hubba's quaterpipes, ect. The Park/Bowl part will consist of a large bowl with a nice bump in it. The best of the best skaters will do sick tricks in these surroundings, i can't wait. 

Normally, very nice facilities are built for the Olympic games for all the differed sports, so I expect a sick park for the skateboarding parts. You can probably leave this to the Japanese.

Street Men. Top 10 Ranking (not official)

Street Women. Top 10 Ranking (not official)

Park Men. Top 10 Ranking (not official)

Park Women. Top 10 Ranking (not official)


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